Dropping off or sending CDs for a user to install wastes the employee's time and will make more work for your help desk when the install goes wrong. routers) or peripheral devices. This includes using word-processing software, operating printers and even providing instructions on how to send and receive emails. As a new tech, learn to stick to your price. I personally learnt all this by finding a bunch of old computers in hard garbage that didn’t work and turning the 5 damaged ones into 2 good working ones. Repaired desktop units according to requirements. Builds/configured custom built units to customer specifications, performs upgrades of hardware and operating systems. Designed and configured network layouts to include cable runs, port locations, and communication closet setup. Assisted 30+ users in resolving diverse hardware and software issues. Performed diagnostics and light data recovery work as requested. So let go ahead and know about how to maintain a computer system or PC. I can easily clean out a servers as I have done clean out jobs many times before but I had to shut these machines down in order to clean them because their panels were inaccessible. Gained experience in installing and configuring Windows XP/Vista/7/8 on a multitude of different computers. Installed and setup home Network for both LAN and Wireless access. Performed hardware and software installations as well as printers, copiers, routers and modems. Handled twenty to thirty customers computer repair/upgrade needs at one time using a HTML/internet based queue system. Thanks again, © Copyright Technibble. Installed firewalls, virus software, and removed Spyware/Malware. If the motherboard does not work, none of … Worked as an Independent contractor for Vans Computers repairing customer computers, or performing virus removals. Performed on-site repair and preventative maintenance on personal and corporate computer systems and related peripherals. Installed, modified, and repaired hardware and software systems for optimization. Provided data recovery and password resetting. Reformatted and replaced hard drives, OS and upgraded systems, and installed peripherals. Provided a professional atmosphere for incoming clients while diagnosing problems with PCs or laptops. If you choose to install an accessory on your Specialized bicycle such as a trailer, carrier, or trailer cycle, make sure it is compatible and refer to the manufacturer’s instructions and your Authorized Specialized Retailer. Performed on-site repair on personal laptop computers. Performed in-store computer repair, computer hardware and software troubleshooting on Windows 98/ME/2000/XP based computers and related electronics. Installed and configured numerous computer networks including Windows NT, Novell Netware, and AS400 systems. Supported customers networking issues on Oahu for businesses and personal computers. Performed on site repair and preventive maintenance on personal computers and related peripherals. Performed quality control on repairs and software imaging of computers, laptops and digital cameras. Provided phone support to small businesses. Provided data backup and recovery onsite. Replaced parts as needed, such as motherboards, CPU, RAM, LCDs, hard drives, and casings. Performed preventative maintenance to maintain optimal performance of customer's computers. Completed the construction and configuration of new computer systems per customer specifications. Performed Basic repair Built new computer systems. Diagnosed and repaired software and hardware related faculty computer problems. o Technical Support, Assisted clients with the following (personal & businesses): Reinstallations Hardware installations Network Set-Ups Trouble Shooting Virus Removal System Clean-Ups. Installed and setup network systems including network design, cable installation, and server and workstation setup. I run a mixed environment though, for various reasons/testing/etc. Managed Internet sales and Configured Networks. Installed OS, software applications, anti-virus, and anti-malware software. Provided training and ensured teachers were knowledgeable on how to use various software programs wirelessly in the building. First year trading saw me actually earn more than my former salary and gave me more time at home…brilliant.. Diagnosed and cleaned malware, spyware and virus infections. Performed on-site network configurations and software installation. Helped customers with issues on their computer's Network, helped customers having internet connection problems. Diagnosed and repaired computer and computer networking problems. Assisted clients with all technical computer issues and performed repairs while offering the most efficient solutions ! Transcribed books and articles Determined source and nature of computer malfunction using diagnostic and application software. Identified and diagnosed software issues in the personal computers of the students and faculty and assisted with troubleshooting general technology questions. Great place to find informative writeups, great Forum and unique software. Repaired hardware and software issues on customers' computers; on site if needed. Worked closely with Dell, Gateway, and internal Technical support to resolve hardware and Software issues. Refurbished used computer systems for resale. Increased revenue and customers each year in business Provided Linux consulting for customers ranging across the US. This course focuses on desktop and laptop computers. Performed system optimizations, fixed OS failures, hard disk data recovery, virus/malware removal and complete system installs and upgrades. Launched strategic business performing services for home users and small business owners. Click on the arrow pointing down (1) to bring up a drop down list,. Computer technicians must be skilled at communicating to their clients or other workers in such a way that will be simple and clear, both on the phone and in person, and in some cases online. Very informative. Repaired Computer systems from Dell, Compaq, HP, IBM, Toshiba and E-Machines. Different types of cabling are also discussed. Analyzed desktop computer issues and resolved problems quickly and accurately. Offered technical support over the phone or via email, as well as on site. diagnose fault or problem in the computer systems and networks in line with standard operating procedures (SOP). Repaired and replaced hardware, including hard drives, monitors, routers, etc. Maintained, adjusted, upgraded, serviced and repaired microcomputers, laptops, POS registers, networks, terminals and peripherals. Utilized Norton Ghost to image multiple computers and performed software installation. Computer parts go bad and it isn’t always obvious what the issue is. Bike Repair Stand. Diagnosed and repaired hardware and software issues while providing data transfer and disaster recovery services during fifteen on-site calls per week. Recommended network security standards to clients Solved complex computer issues and configured new and existing network systems and hardware. Performed machine assembly to produce a computerized machine that printed any loaded or scanned images onto a client's finger nails. Used manufacturer guides to take apart laptops (Apple and IBM). Computer Hardware & Network Maintenance During the one-year duration of Computer Hardware and Network Maintenance trade a candidate is trained on professional skill, professional knowledge &Employability skill related to job role. Performed on-site repair and preventive maintenance on small businesses, private customers and related peripherals. Analyzed and diagnosed client computers and hardware to identify deficiencies. Helped facilitate repairs of computers (both PC and Mac), mobile devices (iOS, Android). Some classes are geared toward preparing you for computer technician certification, such as the A+ credential offered by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA). This is a great list. Developed and designed Java/XML Android apps using Android Studio and Eclipse. check computer systems and networks for configuration in accordance with specifications and requirements. Configured local computer networks and installed hardware and software systems. Great site!! LEARNING OUTCOMES: LO 1. Hence, it is important to maintain them regularly. Aided my customers in all aspects of PC needs including virus removal, hardware replacement, home network setups. You need to know what processes, files and services commonly appear in a clean Windows system as this greatly assists in the removal of viruses and other malware.